Analogette Archive – InfoSec is like…..

As some who follow me on Twitter know, I occasionally tweet a bite-size analogy. Sometimes with, sometimes without pics that cheer me up.  A few folk have shown their appreciation by viewing, faving and sharing them, so here is a collection of my efforts thus far.

For most folks, InfoSec and all this ‘Cyber’ stuff is like..


As my contribution to an antidote I’m going to try and add another one each Wednesday (or at least something quick and amusing instead). The week is long enough without a wee pick me up in the middle. Anyway, enjoy, or maybe contribute your own. It’s #Analogette on twitter or comments always welcome.

On the other hand I do bigger ones for The Analogies Project. As do a host of other creative souls from InfoSec and a huge variety of other industries. Well worth a look if you want something to spice up a security presentation.

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