Social Security Blogger Awards: 2015 Nominees, Winners & Links

The Social Security Blogger Awards 2015

NB/ Infospectives amateur artistical impression of an award, not a real one.

NB/ Infospectives amateur artistical impression of an award, not a real one.

Finalists were revealed back in March and now the die is cast. Winners have been announced and I’m updating this as the news comes out.

It’s an excellent range of security resources. So I, in service to the industry I love (absolutely no ulterior motives…none…not a single one), have put in links to all the nominated blogs, podcasts and posts.

Just as an aside, this blog may have had one little nomination. See if you can spot Infospectives in there anywhere. Look carefully…it’s easy to miss. No prize this time, but bearing in mind I’m just some random British security pro, who self-authors a largely non-technical blog, the nomination alone was a fantastic and humbling surprise :-).

Voting wasn’t open to everyone. It was only for folk who write or podcast about security. Those in with a chance of winning were picked by Ericka Chickowski, George Hulme, Kelly Jackson-Higgins (Dark Reading), Illena Armstrong (SC Magazine), Eleanor Dallaway (InfoSecurity Magazine) and Rich Mogull (Securosis). < no-one with any influence on the global InfoSec stage then!

Most Entertaining Security Blog

Naked Security Blog

Uncommon Sense Security

Security Uncorked

Graham Cluley < WINNER!!

Dave Shackleford Blog

krypt3ia Blog

Most Educational Security Blog

SANS Internet StormCast < WINNER!!

Security NowSecurity Now! Episode Archive

EFF Deeplinks blog

Avivah Litan’s blog


Troy Hunt

The Security Ledger

Branden Williams blog

Imperial violet

Errata Security/Rob Graham

Best New Security Blog or Podcast

Infospectives Blog

WOOHOO – That’s ^ me – how utterly mind-blowing was it to be nominated amongst this run down of security superstars! Everything on Infospectives is my own work, so if you don’t like it there’s only me to blame. If you do, fantastic!

Dave Waterson on Security

Elastica blog: Zulfikar Ramazan

Norse DarkMatters < WINNER!!

Best Security Podcast

Southern Fried Security Podcast

Risky Biz

Paul Dot Com/Paul’s Security Weekly < WINNER!!

ThreatPost Podcast

SANS StormCast

Security Now

Best Blog Post of the Year

Attack Attribution in Cyberspace – Bruce Schneier

We need to talk about attribution – Jack Daniels < WINNER!!

A Hacker Looks at 40- Dave Shakleford

More Data on Attributing the Sony Attack – Bruce Schneier

Sony hack was the work of SPECTRE – Robert Graham

Future of the firewall series – Firemon Blog

In the Beginning There was Full Disclosure – Space Rogue Blog

Best Corporate Security Blog


Trend MicroTrend Micro Blogs

The Alien Vault Blogs

Recorded Future Blog

Crowdstrike Adversary Manifesto

Threat Attack blog

TripWire State of Security

Akamai Security Blog

Sophos Naked Security Blog < WINNER!!


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    • Thanks Graham, I thought a little ‘subtle’ self promotion was probably permissible 😉 And congrats on yours. I hadn’t realised how young your your blog was, but given I’ve only really been active in the online community for a couple of years, it’s not surprising it seems to me that you’ve always been around. Keep up the fab content creation and breach busting 🙂


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