Corporate Security

EU Security Blogger Awards 2015 – 6 Nominations For Infospectives!

Update 3rd June – We WON! 🙂

Best New Security Blog 2015

It seems only yesterday I was astounded by the social security blogger award nomination and now look what’s happened! A six pack of nominations including a personal one for me (@s_clarke22).


Apart from Infospectives, you’ll find a wealth of talent and fantastic content represented in the rundown of nominees. The full list is on the InfoSecurity 2015 Blog HERE (Naked Security, BH Consulting, Graham Cluely, Thom Langford, Host Unknown TV and @circl_lu are faves of mine).

As always I am chuffed to bits and awestruck by the kind support showed to Infospectives and myself by the community. So, so glad you enjoyed it enough to nominate us…lots! 🙂

This time everybody (not just bloggers and podcasters) can

Each and every one will be hugely appreciated (just click the button).

So all that’s left to say again is:

Thank You 🙂

from me and an equally giant


from my blog (it appreciates your support too 😉 )

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