Archived Vote Leave Web Content

Today @voteleave took down their web content. So, in the interests of understanding a significant record of the Leave position as we work towards Article 50 invocation, I saved some of the content via web.archive.org

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.51.05

The counter is automatic and still working in the archived site. The web administrator sets the rate of increase to reflect their own estimates (e.g. disputed £350 million weekly spend)

I’m not speculating on the reasons for this website spring clean, I’ll leave that to readers, but felt people from both camps (I, for transparency, voted to remain), now watching real vs predicted events unfold, might like to review some of the related information and opinions that influenced the vote.

Quality is variable as printed to PDF, but content is all readable. All of it dates from a 20th June snapshot of the site:

Vote Leave Briefing: the cost of the European Union – Vote Leave

Vote Leave Briefing The EU is a threat to the NHS – Vote Leave

Vote Leave Briefing The EU immigration system is immoral and unfair – Vote Leave

Vote Leave Briefing Leave is the best choice for science and technology

Vote Leave Archive 20th June website-brochure-hq-mar16-2




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