Have we withdrawn permission to disagree?

I originally published this as a protected post because it needed a peer review and I wasn’t sure how widely I wanted to share. Replacing that with an inaugural podcast because so much of what I wrote felt like it needed the benefit of tone to be heard. Even now it is mainly for my own sanity, rather than some call to arms, but I wanted to share in case others are doubting themselves and struggling to see wood for politicised trees. It includes my opinion on the state of public discourse, triggered mainly by the outcome of the recent US supreme court appointment. It’s no more or less than an audio narration of original words (original text with relevant links if preferred – Permission to Disagree.pdf)

And now, having thoroughly pinned my political colours to the mast, I’ll return to some more normal infosec and data protection programming…until the next time, because (apologies to particularly optimistic people) I can’t see political things improving until they get significantly worse.

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