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Hello, I’m Sarah

I am a cybersecurity and data protection governance specialist, on a tireless mission to make all of our lives a bit easier. A big part of that is making sense of current risks. That might be for vendors, acquisitions, systems, AI, or for new ways you have found to use a cloud.

Cybersecurity    Data Protection    GRC

How do we communicate complex topics in a digestible manner? I’ve not found anyone better at it than Sarah

Joe Pettit, Tripwire

Context is Critical

Leveraging 20 years of practical experience in IT, security and data protection, we can help you refine sight of priorities. We are guided by some key principles: Governance is a team game, the right solution will never just come in a box, and no-one should be accountable for something they can’t influence, or don’t understand

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“We are very happy working with Sarah! She helped our team move things to a new level”

Glasswall Solutions

Sustainable Risk Triage

Scaling effective governance

Risk specialists are in short supply and robust risk assessment is difficult to scale. You need a middle way. Sustainable Risk Triage is our approach to quickly understanding your exposure to vendor, change, or other aspects of privacy and security risk. Then using outputs to priortise next steps. Even more importantly, creating a link to required resource for things that need a deep dive. Visit the services page to find out more


Practical Privacy

Sustainable Security





Blog & Articles

Opinion: Paying to play with our personal data – is it ok?

We’ve migrated from ‘Hot or Not?’ to being held virtually hostage by many of the digital platforms we rely on today. In the midst of that a new processing paradigm has emerged. Myriad startups want to pay to play with your personal data. Can that tackle on-going privacy and human rights issues?

In AI we will blindly trust…

…and the architects, designers, data scientists, and developers will think we are nuts. People will buy AI without asking enough questions…it’s human and market nature.

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