PUT IT DOWN & Enjoy Your Holiday

By Sarah Clarke
I wanted to wish everyone a great holiday, however you celebrate it. This blog was born this year along with Infospectives consultancy and it has been an interesting ride. So many have supported us in various ways, a humbling number have chosen to read and share our musings on InfoSec and many follow us. To all of you a huge thanks.
christmas_commputerNo more security advice to offer before the last pre-Santa sleep. Just one suggestion –


Standing in a glass house and throwing digital stones there, but c’mon folks. Fight over that board game, tickle the kids til they squeak, go and grab your unsuspecting other half. Whatever your choice I hope you have exactly the┬ákind of break you most need.
All too soon we will be back to haranguing you to teach staff security sense, do that due diligence and make your security effort about risk rather than FUD.

Merry Christmas

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