Sarah Clarke, Infospectives Ltd

Sarah authors the majority of the content found here. Infospectives began as a blog about security, but quickly evolved to reflect her growing interest in and transition towards Privacy and Data Protection (you can read about that journey here). She then started her business, Infospectives Ltd, when she started independently providing related services and content to clients.

Her background includes a business degree from Edinburgh University, many years in the IT and security trade, and a long history integrating privacy and data protection into information and cybersecurity governance activity. If you would like to know more, why not check out her LinkedIn profile.

She shares what she’s seen work on this blog, in talks, in the media, and in various publications.

As well as working for clients and blogging, she fights for better treatment for Pancreatic Cancer, mainly through Pancreatic Cancer UK. It is a deadly and ignored disease and deserves all the publicity and political attention we can muster.

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