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Sarah has a long history in cybersecurity and data protection. Time mainly spent building and helping to mature governance, risk and compliance programmes. Her approach is informed by 2 decades doing and researching things that do and don’t work. Please do get in touch if you think we can help.
Cutting data protection and security governance challenges down to size
Strategy and planning for UK / EU GDPR, Schrems II, and broader compliance
Ensuring sustainability through effective prioritisation
Maturity assessment, risk assessment and risk management.
Helping startups start as they mean to go on and others to sustainably thrive.

Blog & Articles

Opinion: Paying to play with our personal data – is it ok?

We’ve migrated from ‘Hot or Not?’ to being held virtually hostage by many of the digital platforms we rely on today. In the midst of that a new processing paradigm has emerged. Myriad startups want to pay to play with your personal data. Can that tackle on-going privacy and human rights issues?

In AI we will blindly trust…

…and the architects, designers, data scientists, and developers will think we are nuts. People will buy AI without asking enough questions…it’s human and market nature.