Weekly Wee One #5 – The IoT is like…

This week’s #Analogette (or, in this case, anti-Analogette)

The Internet of Things is probably the epicentre of FUD right now: Partly because worry is justified (there’s hand over fist consumer demand driven development of connected devices. Often designed without much (any?) security diligence and using old and/or binary software) and partly because that fear opens the door to rafts of security sales and consultancy opportunities.
With this tweet-size offering I’ve turned things arse about face. Taking the IoT and stripping to the very basic fact underlying a rash of recent scare-mongering analogies. The articles referenced here are not the most recent ones, but they are (in my opinion) two of the the most robust, thorough and rational ones to put this challenge in it’s proper context.
You may or may not agree…let’s see…
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This is the latest WWO yet, so apologies to anyone who might have been looking out for it. The result of a 6am start, 8hrs travelling and 9pm arrival home. So better late than never…hopefully 🙂
I’ll leave you with another, slightly updated version of that fab 50s film poster…
IoT Terror-3

If you liked this, you can find more here, or try The Analogies Project for loads of bigger ones from just about every big name in the security game (plus plenty of folk from other trades). It’s a fab resource.

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