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Frozen: The InfoSec Remix…

Not your usual Infospectives post

But if you mix a Verizon DBIR, weariness about ‘samey’ security content, some parenting experience and The Voice on TV (with a tiny bit of wine), this kind of thing can happen.

First published last year, but we felt it stood another Christmas airing. When all attempts at InfoSec education fail…

…security education through the medium of karaoke!

You will know the tune (as will anyone who’s crossed paths with a child since November 2013), but the words are all mine.

If you like them, you can take them (I did suggest the HostUnknownTV chaps dress @SirJester like Elsa for a true visual musical treat, but they have a GIANT backlog and I was too keen to share). Attribution would be nice if you feel moved to reuse. And if any security songmeisters do take it on, please share!

So why not click play…

…then read (or sing) along;

“Data Go”


The lights glow bright on the firewall tonight

Not a footprint to be seen

A kingdom of others’ data

Found it’s way onto Pastebin


The hackers tweeting how they made their way inside

Couldn’t keep them out, heaven knows I tried


Don’t let them in, don’t let them see

Be the good pro you always have to be

Conceal, don’t yield, don’t let them know

Well, now they know


Data go, data go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Data go, data go

Far too late to slam the door


No-one cared

What I tried to say

Let the breach rage on

You never listened to me anyway


It’s funny how some bosses

Make everything seem small

The broke controls I showed them

Didn’t get to them at all


It’s time to see what they will do

When the ICO says ‘shame on you’

Then FCA and SEC……you’ll see


Data go, Data go

I’m off with a wave goodbye

Data go, Data go

It’s our customers who’ll cry


Once I cared

Enough to stay

Let the breach rage on


Card data flurries through the ether to the cloud

All of our passwords on the darknet websites all around

And one cause crystalizes like an icy blast

That email link you clicked

Was the very start


Data go, Data go

And I’ll rise while you get pwned

Data go, Data go

This cyber expert’s gone


You enjoy

Your own zero day

Let the breach rage on

 You never listened to me anyway

Back to more traditional InfoSec

This isn’t a critique of non-security folk. There are on-going communication problems on both sides of the business/security fence. Things that don’t bear joking about. The fact there’s still a fence is a big one. It’s by no means insurmountable, but we have to be smarter about our security conversations.  < The Disney/Thundercats ‘moral to the story’ bit.

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